While conditioning and toughness are essential to high level college wrestling, I feel that being a sound and highly skilled technician is PRIORITY #1 at the high school and youth levels.  While it is common-place, especially in the Iowa coaching ranks, to spend a huge amount of practice time on running, pushups, and sprints, at HAWC, your son will spend ALL of his wrestling practice actually wrestling.

At the highest NCAA level, conditioning, strength, and old fashioned toughness are often times the deciding factor among ALREADY skilled and technically sound athletes.  Our goal at HAWC is for your son to get those wrestling skills, and the technical skill-set necessary to one day compete at the college level.  Simply stated, being a well-conditioned un-skilled wrestler will NOT get you into the state finals, much less into college wrestling.

Get skilled…Become a technician…Become HAWC trained!

PS –  You can run and do pushups on your own.

Training partners – We have some of the top training partners for your athletes.  However, a workout room is built and we build our workout rooms / training partners by drilling the skills into them.  We follow a system and a plan that revolves around a tremendous amount of drill time and focus that drill time around the common wrestling positions.  And while it is common-place to recruit the workout room, the talent must be developed.  We neither recruit the top kids nor turn away the average kids.  We take all athletes and do our best to move them to a new level in wrestling.  All kids will benefit from a drill-intensive, skill-developmental environment and each individual will progress quickly…thus the workout room will evolve.

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