Current and Past

Please Note: High Altitude Wrestling Club (Chad Tunink) hopes to have had an impact on each club wrestler’s career but, in no way wish to take full credit for their accomplishments. Our club wrestlers also attend local clubs and high schools and have great coaches helping them. High Altitude Wrestling has a medal count to showcase the accomplishments of our wrestling club members! We are very proud of you and your success!



Division I:

  • Cash Wilcke:  University of Iowa
  • Willie Miklus:  Iowa State University (3 years for University of Missouri)
  • Jakob Allison:  Iowa State University
  • Ryan Leisure:  Iowa State University
  • Logan Schumacher:  Iowa State University
  • Zane Mulder: Iowa State University
  • Joel Shapiro: Iowa State University
  • Kyle Biscoglia: University of Northern Iowa

Division II:

  • Zach Johnston:  Minnesota State
  • Jared Hensley:  Upper Iowa University

Division III:

  • Brady Kyner:  Wartburg
  • Zach Stewart:  Wartburg
  • Brady Fritz: Wartburg
  • Blake Bauer: Wartburg
  • Spencer Anderson: Simpson
  • Derek Venteicher:  Loras
  • Zach Thompson:  Loras
  • Brad Kerkoff:  Buena Vista University


  • Evan Hansen:  Grand View University
  • Zac Willey:  Grand View University
  • Jake Watters:  Southeastern University (Florida)
  • Dusten Reed:  Moringside (Wartburg for 2 years)
  • Tim Sibbel:  Morningside
  • Ben Freese – William Penn University

Junior College:

  • Reldon Miller:  NIACC

Women’s Wrestling:

  • Rachel Watters:  Oklahoma City University
  • Alanah Vetterick:  Midland University (NE)



  • Cody Jones:  William Penn University
  • Dane Jones: William Penn University
  • Colton McCrystal: University of Nebraska
  • Luke Norland – Northwestern University
  • Trevor Marlin: Graceland
  • Robert Walker:  Air Force Academy
  • David Walker:  Air Force Academy
  • Shane Swank: Simpson College
  • Gunnar Clark: NIACC
  • Ryder Clark:  Iowa Central Community College
  • Blair Kerkhoff:  Coe College
  • Isaac Lundgren:  Grand View University
  • Brian Warren:  Grand View University
  • Chad Ryan: Columbia University
  • Peter Stewart: UNI & Iowa Western Community College
  • Cody Solari:  Naval Academy
  • Jacob Hoch: Grand View University
  • Gable Verschoor:  Augustana South Dakota
  • Jake Marlin:  NIACC (redshirted at University of Iowa)
  • Cameron Mennenoh:  Buena Vista University
  • Brandon Jones:  New York University  *started at Iowa State University*
  • Cody Swim:  Grand View University
  • Tyler Reiste:  Iowa Central Community College
  • Brandon Thomas:  Grand View University
  • Jordan Johnson:  Grand View University
  • Chad Richardson:  Morningside Community College
  • James Tatman:  Iowa Lake
  • Travis Taylor : Morningside Community College
  • Trevor Gehringer : Ellsworth Community College