“High Altitude Wrestling Club has helped to not only make me the wrestler I am today, but also the man I am today!  The technique works at all levels, and it will help you excel in the sport.  The coaching is great, and the workout partners are tough.  I couldn’t ask for a better club!

Jake Marlin
4 x Iowa High School State Champ, Iowa HS Record Holder for Most Pins, Freshman at University of Iowa


“What difference can a club wrestling coach make in the life of a young man? In my eyes, all of the
difference in the world. Coach Chad Tunink of High Altitude Wrestling has been much more than
a coach for my two sons (Robert and David) the past seven years.  Chad has taught them to love
and respect man’s oldest sport in a way I would have never thought possible. He has been there for
them in moments of victory, and frustrating moments of defeat. He has advised them well in all
matters from nutrition to motivation. I will never have the words needed to thank him for all he
has done.

I would encourage any parent of a young wrestler to give High Altitude a try. Chad’s coaching style
is one geared toward teaching at a steady pace so a young wrestler can actually perfect the skill
rather than simply brushing over several moves at once. Chad also believes the sport should be
fun (and it should) rather than viewed as an unpleasant chore.

There are many options available for training, but I can’t imagine any person devoting as much
of himself to his wrestlers as Coach Tunink. Thank you again for all you have done and all that
you are.”

Chad Walker
(Sons: Robert Walker 3 x State Champ and David Walker 1 x State Champ and currently wrestle for the US Air Force Academy)


I would like to take this opportunity to extend our sincere gratitude to Chad Tunink.  Chad went
above and beyond in helping make our boys Travis, Shay and Brayton Taylor, better wrestlers.
The boys started working with Chad around 2005. He had a weekly practice and helped the boys
develop a true talent. Chad went out of his way to take them to other meets and practices to give
them experience with other wrestlers. He used his own personal time to take them to big
tournaments in places such as; Tulsa, Omaha and West Virginia giving each of them the honor of
becoming an All-American. He gave our boys opportunities that most can only dream of and the
experiences that they needed to become the wrestlers they became. It paid off. Shay qualified
for State and placed 3rd, Travis got two 2nd places and was a State Champion; Brayton got a 3rd
and a 2nd Place.

Because of Chad’s willingness to see us through all of this, he has given our family the chance to
make many memories from all the many hours we have spent in gyms. We have met so many
great people over the years, we are forever grateful.

Last summer, our family experienced a tragedy. We have no way of thanking each individual that
helped us, but we can say this; we owe so many thanks to the wrestling families with your ongoing
support and prayers. You gave us encouragement through a very difficult time.

We feel if we had not had Chad Tunink’s influence in our lives we would not have had the great
opportunities and even better memories. Thank you all so much for all your support. Thanks Chad
for everything you have given our family as a coach and a great friend.

With Love and Respect, the Taylor Gang (Randy, Tammy, Travis, Shay and Brayton)


“Coach Tunink’s High Altitude Wrestling Club has provided me with the technical skills, mental
attitude, and a diverse range of workout partners that is essential to become successful at the
highest level of High School Wrestling. The club has also given me opportunities to compete in
national tournaments around the country.  I highly recommend Coach Tunink’s training in order
to become a champion and reach your goals!”

Brandon Jones
(State Champion from West Des Moines Valley, Currently wrestles for Iowa State University)


“High Altitude Wrestling Club taught and reiterated to me the fundamental skills all
wrestlers should know to excel at every level. Chad Tunink is an extremely devoted coach to the
sport who knows and continuously seeks knowledge of technique and match strategy.”

Chad Ryan
(State Champion from Sioux City North, Currently wrestles for Columbia University)


“When we started HAWC my boys were very young and new to the sport of wrestling. Now
after being in the club for 5 years my boys have come a long way, they have learned at a young
age what works at the highest level and that cannot go unrecognized.  Coach Tunink does a
great job teaching and coaching the boys and molding them into great wrestlers and great kids.
Wish a club like this was around when I was kid. My boys (Lance and Kaleb) wouldn’t train
anywhere else! Keep up the good work!”

The Runyons


“Our son Jack has learned a ton from Coach Tunink. He is learning how to wrestle with good
technique, from good position, but also learning how to recover when he gets caught out of position.
HAWC training has prepared him to set and accomplish some big goals, but more than anything,
it has helped him achieve some more success and deepen his love for the sport.”

The Gaukels


“Coach Tunink has helped fine tune our technique. High Altitude is a great club because of Coach
Tunink’s philosophy & atmosphere he creates. Coach Tunink has been a good coach and a good
role model. We like the intensity of the practices. High Altitude has made us overall better
wrestlers.  Go HAWC!”

The Currys


The High Altitude club and/or clinics is highly recommended for all ages and experience levels of our Waukee youth wrestlers. MANY of our competitively successful Waukee youth club wrestlers have participated in HAWC over the years. My son Joel joined HAWC in 1st grade (in 3 months HAWC coach Chad Tunink had Joel improve from losing 3 out of every 4 matches to winning 3 out of 4). Joel also spent some time this winter in the HAWC “Gold” room.

If your wrestler wants to win more matches next year it’s extremely important to keep an iron in the fire during the off-season.

Check out the clinicians for these camps!!!!!

Thanks, Dave Shapiro


Hi Chad, I want you to know my boys, Coulter and Cartland Allen, from Lee’s Summit, MO are still applying the techniques they learned at your summer camp.  Coulter is a junior and had a season ending injury early in the year but Cartland, my sophomore had an amazing year at Lee’s Summit High School.  Unfortunately he lost his bubble match at state but finished the year 8th place, not bad for a sophomore. (20/5 for the year).  Cartland went on to take 5th place at liberty nationals and is preparing for the Brute Invitational at the Independence Event Center in Indep., MO.

I just wanted to touch base and thank you for the expertise you have shared with my boys and the successes they have achieved since attending your summer camp.

Amy Allen


Hey just wanted to say thanks! Caleb won his first tournament this year. We attribute it to your coaching.  It was the best technical wrestling he has done.  So thanks for the Winter Break Wrestling Camps and practice.

Thanks, Stuart & Christina Buse



I wanted to send you a quick thank you for the help you gave to my son, Taylor, over the course over the last few years.  I don’t know if you are aware or not, be he had never really wrestled until he went out his freshman year.  He was winless that year except for the 4 forfeits he picked up for the team.   However, he developed a desire to become part of the sport and to pursue as many opportunities as he could in the attempt to get better.  This led him to you.

How I wish his story was the stuff that makes a good Walt Disney Movie; however, he fell short of his ultimate dream this Saturday, getting 3rd at districts.  He told me that this year he decided not to worry about his record but instead to utilize every situation he could to get better, by taking bump ups when he could to try to improve.  His attitude has always been one that I admire.  He always enjoyed being able to work out with you and learn from you.  We regret that distance prohibited us from being able to get him to you more.

I know it’s always important in your business to develop a state qualifier and place winner, but I wanted you to know, that you helped to develop a good person, who has some great memories of a sport that he loves and will miss.  He would often mention what he learned from you in our conversations.  So, no, his name isn’t one you can list on the back of your merchandise, but take it to the bank: his is a life you have impacted for the better, and for that, as a mother I thank you.

Good Luck with your club and with the kids you instruct, I hope life treats you well.

Take care – Jada Hallberg