What is HAWC “GOLD”?

HAWC “GOLD” is High Altitude Wrestling Club’s advanced training program. Our regular club practice (HAWC) is the pipeline into this group. Anyone who is interested in being considered for “GOLD” must first enroll in HAWC’s regular weekly training program.

“GOLD” is for wrestlers who can do the HAWC system and want to train at a high level. Only the most talented, athletic, technical, driven, and coachable athletes will have an opportunity to join this group. Work ethic and competitiveness are key. Typically kids will need to be state place winners, state champs, or show a consistency in competition to get in. Mental and physical toughness is obviously a big part of our sport. So aside from technique, ones mental and physical abilities will be considered. Lastly, only kids who are technically skilled in the (HAWC) system will be moved into this group. I f your son is not yet ready for “GOLD” or I don’t feel like he’s ready, our regular High Altitude Wrestling Club will meet his training needs until it is time to reassess his ability (please see MEDAL COUNT page).

Difference in HAWC & HAWC “GOLD” :

HAWC is very effective and I think the club’s results since 2005 reflect that (you can see our results on our MEDAL COUNT page). The main difference in HAWC and HAWC “GOLD” is “GOLD” has a set group of wrestlers and in HAWC athletes can join at any time! In “GOLD” once we hit our max number, we SHUT THE DOORS and no one else is allowed in. This is a huge benefit to your son(s) and it is exclusive to those kids who know the routines. I can run practice as I would in a college wrestling room. I will now be able to COACH wrestling and not just show moves or catch new athletes up. This CONSTANT drilling and review of the HAWC system will put your son(s) on a pathway to tremendous wrestling. With the same group of wrestlers week after week, not only can I run essential drill/reviews and show advanced techniques, but I can get vital one on one time with each athlete and help them tweak their wrestling. One on one allows me to study their top opponents and help them to take a big step toward a college wrestling career and possible scholarship. As you can see HAWC “GOLD” can be an investment in your son’s future and a pathway to potentially help pay for his college years!

Practice Times & Locations :

“GOLD” runs from Sept to end of February!   You HAVE to COMMIT and PAY for ALL months to be in HAWC GOLD!

Youth GOLD practices are Thursdays from 6:30-8:00pm (second day is your choice)!

MS/HS GOLD practices are Sundays from 4:30-6:00pm (you can add more days)!

HAWC GOLD (South) practices will be Sundays from 1:30-3:00pm and will be for Youth/MS  & HS!  The second night for youth is your choice!

Please note: “GOLD” practices should only be missed in cases of unavoidable circumstances.

Click here for the full schedule of HAWC & HAWC Gold Practices and Training Sites


Tuition for HAWC “GOLD”:

Youth “GOLD”: $160 per month for two days ($240 for two siblings and $320 for three). Thursday is our mandatory “GOLD” practice and the second day is your choice of night and locations (you can switch anytime, it is a floating night!).   If you want to add a third night it will be $50.  You HAVE to COMMIT and PAY for ALL months to be in HAWC GOLD!

Middle School/High School “GOLD”: $100 a month for one day ($150 for two siblings and $200 for three). If you would like to add another day the fee is $50! The second night (if you choose to do it) is your choice of night and location (you can switch anytime, it is a floating night). **Most high schools wrestlers’ train 2 x a week with HAWC through the end of November then just go to the Sunday “GOLD” practice for remainder of the season.  You HAVE to COMMIT and PAY for ALL months to be in HAWC GOLD!

Required “HAWC GOLD” Gear:  You will have an $85 gear package that is required and due with first month payment!  This will include a HAWC GOLD singlet, shorts and a shirt!
ALL HAWC GOLD members starting in September will receive 20% off our HAWC wrestling camps!  Those starting in October and November will still be required to buy the gear package but will NOT receive the 20% discount off camps!