National Champions

Please Note : High Altitude Wrestling Club (Chad Tunink) hopes to have had an impact on each club wrestler’s career but, in no way wish to take full credit for their accomplishments. Our club wrestlers also attend local clubs and high schools and have great coaches helping them. High Altitude Wrestling has a medal count to showcase the accomplishments of our wrestling club members! We are very proud of you and your success!



Cash Wilcke:

  • USA Nationals (2012)
  • Mid Amerca Worlds (2012)

Peter Nagy:

  • Cadet Greco Nationals (2011)

Jake Marlin :

  • Tulsa Kickoff (2010) *Outstanding Wrestler*
  • Tulsa Kickoff (2009)

Brandon Jones

  • Eastern Worlds (2009)
  • USA Preseason Nationals (2008)

Cody Swim:

  • Eastern Worlds (2009)
  • Tulsa Kickoff (2007)

Robert Walker:

  • Tulsa Kickoff (2009)

Brayton Taylor :

  • Eastern Worlds (2009)

Isaac Lundgren :

  • Brute Nationals (2009)

Travis Taylor:

  • Brute Nationals (2007)