HAWC’s Friday Night Fight Nights…Will You Survive?

October - 9 - 2012

High Altitude Wrestling’s “Friday Night Fight Night!” 

Will you survive?

HAWC’S Friday Night Fight Night will be the toughest practice you have ever attended GUARANTEED! We will do a lot of hard drilling, live wrestling and conditioning. The purpose of practice is to find your breaking point. If you break or quit, then you are finished with the practice for that night. During the next Fight Night, your goal will be to work harder AND last longer. Everyone breaks; that is a fact. Your goal is to push yourself so hard that your opponent can never get you to your breaking point. These practices will prepare you to compete that way during the season.

These practices are open to anyone 10 years old through grade 12. Since you will be challenged mentally and physically like never before, no one under 10 years old will be allowed.

Weekly practice cost: $10 per practice.  There is a once a year $10 insurance cost.  Please fill out an application online or print out and bring with you.  Everyone needs an application and insurance or you can not practice.

Practices will start this Friday, Oct 12th at the Martensdale St Marys Wrestling Room in Martensdale, Iowa from 6:30-8:30pm.