11th Annual Winter Break Camps Set: Dec 26, 28, 29 and 30th!

October - 3 - 2015

11th Annual Winter Break Training Camps

High Altitude Wrestling Camp has been having Winter Break Training Camps since 2005! This winter will be our 11th Annual Winter Break Training Camps.  These camps will be a great tune up for Grade School State on December 27th and to kick start your wrestling for the second half of the season!

This year I will be having four camps: Takedown Training Camp, Escapes/Reversals Training Camp, Tilts/Turns Training Camp and a Slide-By/Trouble Shooting Camp which will feature all drilling from common situations followed by LIVE wrestling.


  • Limited number of wrestlers allowed to attend (more attention)
  • Taught a proven system that will work at all levels of wrestling
  • Constantly drilled over moves shown so you LEARN them
  • Live situations to practice moves taught

2015 Camp Dates:

  • Camp 1: Takedown Training Camp (Saturday, Dec. 26th)
    Camp 1: 9:00am – Noon  (FULL)     or          Camp 1:  1:30pm-4:30pm  (10 spots left)
  • Camp 2:  Escapes & Reversals Camp (Monday, Dec. 28th)
    Camp 2: 9:00am – Noon  (FULL)      or          Camp 2:  1:30pm-4:30pm  (10 spots left)
  • Camp 3:  Tilts & Turns Camp  (Tuesday, Dec. 29th)
    Camp 3: 9:00am – Noon   (FULL)      or          Camp 3:  1:30pm-4:30pm
  • Camp 4:  Slide-Bys & Trouble Shooting  (Wednesday, Dec. 30th)
    Camp 4:  9:00am – Noon  (10 spots left)    (there is only one session on this day!)

Camp Info:

  • Location:  Martensdale St. Mary’s HS Wrestling Room
  • Cost:  $35 per camp  (There are no refunds just camp credit)
  • Register:  Pre-Register online or mail in form with payment!    (Checks payable to: High Altitude Wrestling)
  • Grades:  K-12th  (Limited to 40 wrestlers per camp!)
  • Schedule For Camp:  We will be running 2 camps each day (you pick which one)  9:00am-Noon or 1:30-4:30pm.  Please Note:  Slide-By & Trouble Shooting Camp is only 9:00am – Noon
  • Outline:  Technique, drilling, LIVE (situations & wrestling)
  • High Altitude Wrestling Merchandise will be available for purchase!
  • Download Camp Flyer & Registration Form:
  • Register Online